Minneapolis Building And Construction Trades Council Value Building Strong Experiences



The Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council (MBCTC) has a philosophy on how to keep our region strong and vibrant. Their mission is to “build better communities every day.”

Part of that goal is helping strengthen the traditions and activities of our community. When it comes to the holiday season in Minneapolis, Holidazzle continues to be a gathering point for our city, our state and our region.

“Holidazzle is about being part of the downtown Minneapolis community celebration during the holiday season,” said MBCTC Director of Marketing and Public Relations Jenny Winkelaar. “It is about truly being part of the festive experience through its entirety.”

That’s why MBCTC continues to be a strong advocate of helping make Holidazzle possible.

This year as you walk through Holidazzle at Loring Park, you’ll see several elements that were built with MBCTC volunteer construction labor. These volunteers are responsible for the lighting, the photo opportunity cutouts sprinkled through the site, the decorative touches on the gates and the information kiosks. They also helped assist with the on-site Holidazzle ice rink.

It’s an important role during the holiday season for this organization. MBCTC, which also helped in the construction of Holidazzle last season, enjoys sharing their skills in a way that helps bring the holiday spirit to others.

“The Building Trades are one big family that not only reside in, but participate in the community,” Winkelaar said. “Celebration, warmth and a feeling of pride we all share in being hardy Minnesotans is what we enjoy.”

This year’s Holidazzle begins Friday, November 27 and will run Thursdays through Sundays through Sunday, December 20. Join us on Thursdays and Fridays from 5 pm-9 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am-9 pm. Holidazzle is a Winter Wonderland in the heart of the city, a North Country-style getaway that includes a special holiday atmosphere, majestic creatures, Minneapolis-centric food and beverages, excellent entertainment and truly festive activities for all ages.

Enjoy all that Holidazzle has to offer. And as you’re meandering through and enjoying your experience, know that the Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council had a hand in making this year’s gathering possible.

They enjoyed helping make your Holidazzle experience a reality.

“The bustle of people under the lights with food and hot chocolate or coffee working their way to the ice rink sounds idyllic,” Winkelaar said. “We’re happy to be part of it all.”