Minnstameets Selects Local Photos, Curates Gallery At Holidazzle Beginning Dec. 3


Minnstameets is a community of local Minnesotans who use their eye for storytelling and Instagram to showcase all the things that make Minnesota special. Their captivating photos and ability to gather—often as many as 50-250 people in one place at a time—make for an engaging opportunity to showcase their locations to the world via social media.

This year, they’ll be making a special impact at Holidazzle.

Minnstameet will be curating a gallery of 75 images centered around the theme “Minneapolis.” They’ve chosen photos that depict culture, architecture, and natural spaces in our city while showing off the talent that the community has to offer. Jill Emmer and Rita Farmer, two photographers who help lead and facilitate Minnstameets, will personally be installing the show for beginning December 3 that will run at Holidazzle through December 20. They will also host an Instameet on the evening of December 13.

They often draw anywhere from 50 to 250 when they host their Instameet events.

“After having each planned and hosted successful meet-ups on our own in early 2014, we sensed a growing desire among Minnesota Instagrammers—many of whom had ‘met’ each other online—to connect with one another in person,” Emmer said. “We started Minnstameets as a way of having one central place to share information about meet-ups in Minnesota. We feel very fortunate to be able to facility creative collaboration and build community through our events.”

They are on Instagram using the handle @Minnstameets.

Holidazzle runs Thursdays through Sundays from Friday, November 27 through Sunday, December 20. It’s open Thursdays and Fridays from 5 pm-9 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am-9 pm.

Their network of social media photographers are impressive and wide-spread. When you sift through Instagram, there are tons of great images that showcase Minneapolis and the surrounding area from different perspectives. Each photographer has a different eye and vision, but all carry forth the same purpose and goal.

Now, you can enjoy their work at Holidazzle. Not only will they have a gathering and a group gallery, but Emmer and Farmer will team with fellow photographers Eric Mueller and Kristin Edmondson to showcase their personal photos in a pop-up Minneapolis Camera Collective photo sale at Holidazzle from December 10-13.

They’re excited to take part.

“I grew up in Minneapolis, and Holidazzle is a very nostalgic for me,” Farmer said. “I attended the parade with family and friends every year. It is fun to see how the event has evolved and come to be about local makers and artists. I never dreamed I would be a participant in that capacity. It’s quite an honor.”

The Minnstameets community is creating a lot of buzz in the social media community among people interested in taking part.

Tyler Mason was one who noticed the Holidazzle-related Minnstameets contest. Mason is a local sports journalist who also takes photos with his personal drone. He noticed the “Minnstameets_holidazzle” hashtag option, went through his photos and found a few of his favorites. One of his images, featuring a shot of the Uptown chain of lakes with the Downtown Minneapolis skyline in the background, was chosen to be displayed.

“This will be my first work of art ever displayed, which is pretty neat,” Mason said. “I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures—both with the drone and regular cameras—as a hobby. In a way, it’s a bit of validation to know that I might have a decent eye when it comes to taking pictures. Of course, the drone deserves a lot of the credit. But it was cool to have plenty of people seeing my shot and show them that drones can provide a unique look at Minneapolis.”

Emmer and Farmer selected photos based on their diversity and ability to showcase the community itself. Photos are taken with DSLRs and cellphone cameras alike. The represent the best of the best—Emmer said: People, lakes, views, bridges, museums and events that make the city so wonderful.

Through their vision, they’re offering a chance for people like Mason to display their creativity and their own vision of our city.

Come down to Holidazzle and check out their work.

“This is now our third experience curating a gallery, and it is so rewarding,” Farmer said. “Simply sitting back and watching people view the photos is a very cool experience. For members of our Instagram community who are used to seeing these images on a tiny screen, it is thrilling for them to see them blown up in print. And for people not familiar with the app, it is so fun to share the talent that is resulting from it with them.”

For Mason, who has regularly attended Holidazzle growing up, this is a great opportunity to take part in something he has fond memories of as a child.

“It’s a special time of year and a good reason to visit Minneapolis,” Mason said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the new-look Holidazzle this year in its new location, too, and creating new memories.”