Hand-Crafted And Local, August Fischer Makers Join Holidazzle Lineup Dec. 10-13



Dennis Fischer has a motto he lives by with his company: “A Laboribus Dulcedinem.”

It means “With Labor, Sweetness.” And it carries a lot of weight with him as he carefully produces hand-crafted items as founder and owner of August Fischer Makers.

“I believe that,” Fischer said of the motto. “Having also worked for Ames Farm Honey, I retain a fondness for tireless worker bees—thus also, my choice of an old bee skep for my logo. Furthermore, all of our boards are finished with our own, August Fischer Wood Honey. It is a very rich blend of beeswax and food grade white oil.”

August Fischer Makers create incredibly unique wooden products that can be found December 10-13 at Holidazzle. After having a long finance career, Fischer began August Fischer Makers in 2012—naming it after his great-grandfather—and began a new career while enjoying the mindfulness of working with his hands and making things.

At Holidazzle, you can find his products from Thursday through Sunday in Loring Park. Stop by Thursday and Friday from 5 pm-9 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am-9 pm.

When you stop by, you’ll find a collection of useful tools for everyday life, as he describes them, that can make for an excellent holiday gift for someone or to treat yourself. His wood cutting boards and sewn canvas soft woods will stand out as you walk by.

“When I began starting crafting things, I started out using repurposed materials—boat canvas for instance—or generally unloved, end-lots, cutoffs and the like that were all literally headed for the dumpster,” Fischer said. “When I began working with wood again, this mindset led me to finding salvaged hardwoods from the T win Cities and keeping them from the burn pile. So I tend to work with what I can find, diverting these pieces and turning them into something useful that has a ton of life left.”

It’s a thrill for Fischer to be part of Holidazzle this year, as it is an opportunity to join in on an annual Minneapolis tradition and spread the word about his product. Hopefully, those who stop by will find a handcrafted, meaningful item that they can give as a gift to someone special during this holiday season.

“They don’t call it ‘dazzle’ for nothing!’ Fischer said. “I always remember the lights. It’s a real cheer in the ‘bleak mid-winter’, and what a great way to bring us all outside on a winter night.”

He said for him, the holiday season is all about giving, giving, giving, and family. And being able to share in this experience for others is a special way to spend his time in December.

“I am honored to be invited, and super excited to be part of Holidazzle this year,” Fischer said. “When I sell my crafts in this type of venue, I love the connections I make with people. Twin Citizens value handmade, and the connection to the local wood all the more reinforces the bond.”