Mrs. Olson’s Lefse Brings Back Holiday Memories, Tradition For Holidazzle Goers


It’s a Scandinavian favorite—a treat that Minnesotans have enjoyed for generations while celebrating their Norwegian heritage (or just simply because they like it). Lefse is a part of dinner that brings back great memories of family members coming together during the holiday season.

The same can be said for Mrs. Olson’s lefse.

Mrs. Olson has been spreading lefse love since 1959. It’s a third-generation, family-owned business that was founded by Laura and George nearly 60 years ago. Both being 100 percent Norwegian, it was a passion for them to share their lefse with the community.

Their lefse bakery is located in an old, brick schoolhouse about three miles north of Gonvick, Minn.—a town of about 250 people about 50 miles southeast of Thief River Falls. The schoolhouse was abandoned when Laura and George bought the building and converted it into a lefse-baking facility.

The rest is history.

You can enjoy their lefse at Holidazzle this year. Stop by their booth and try it out as you browse and roam. Holidazzle is located in Loring Park this year and is open Thursdays through Sundays, concluding Sunday, December 20. You can stop by 5-9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays or 11 am-9 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

For those who know their lefse, it might act as a blast from the past or a nostalgic childhood memory. For those who aren’t familiar, it will be a great way to get to know a longstanding Norwegian dining tradition.

Their biggest thrill? Introducing lefse to people who have not yet tried it before. It’s also an opportunity for them to meet people who have bought their lefse for years in local stores.

Lefse is an extraordinary dinner treat. It is a flexible, moist flatbread that is traditionally served with butter, sugar and/or cinnamon.  It has a potato flavor and is excellent with a number of toppings including crab salad, ham or turkey, peanut butter and others, just to name a few.

Lefse can be used to make your favorite wrap, and it can be used year-round—not just during the holidays. It’s a great on-the-go bread because it doesn’t crush, and it stays fresh in a re-sealable package.

For those of us who recall grandparents and parents making lefse at home, it brings back great memories and appreciation for the process it takes to make lefse. There is a dedication there that is distinct and admirable, and the fact that Mrs. Olson’s lefse has produced lefse for others since 1959 is a testament to their passion for their product, their appreciation for their ancestry and the type of quality lefse they produce.

For them it’s a tradition. And like Holidazzle, a mainstay tradition in the Minneapolis area, it’s a way to bring people together.

They enjoy helping families connect and create wonderful memories. Over the Holidazzle weekends, they’ve heard people tell stories of seeing their grandma make her own lefse. That makes them happy, because they’re providing a product that brings back fond memories for others.

At Holidazzle, they can do the same for you—either bringing back past memories or creating new ones in 2015.

They’re happy to do it, and provide a delicious treat in the process.