Hagen and Oats Features Sisters’ Handiwork And Minnesota Pride


Growing up, Nikki Hollerich and Anna Hagen were taught that being a girl meant you have all the power in the world. And along with that early lesson, the two sisters also gained a strong skill set and appreciation for working with their hands. From wood-working to rebuilding a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, the two always found a way to work on projects together.

So in February, when the two acquired a band saw from one of their in-laws, it opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

The two used that band saw to create a piece of artwork for Anna’s living room, and it didn’t take long before the two realized through posting on social media that there was an appetite for the products their talents could create. Hagen and Oats came to life just two weeks later.

Now, you can get a chance to see Hagen and Oats’ handiwork up close at Holidazzle. They’re returning in 2016 and will have a collection of their craftsmanship on hand. Look for them on site December 14-17.

“We make hand-crafted, Minnesota-inspired art out of wood,” Nikki said. “We began with our classic deer, and the company has evolved from there. There is not a piece of art that isn’t created and produced by us.”

It’s a side-gig that was born out of their passion for projects and working with their hands. By day, Anna is a licensed family and marriage counselor and Nikki is a graphic designer who assists Papa Murphy’s Pizza’s operations for their Minnesota franchises. But in their free time, they work on the products that you could bring home with you this Holidazzle season.

Their work is a testament to a true Minnesotan’s experience here in our state. There is no doubt that each Minnesotan will find something they identify with at Hagen and Oats.

“Minnesotan means loving summer, killing it at a bar-b-q, living the cabin life, canoeing the Boundary Waters, late-night bonfires and all kinds of ‘you betchas’,” Anna said. “It means bundling up by the fire with cider, snow shoeing after the perfect snowstorm, ice fishing with the family, and owning a good pair of winter boots. It means we are home.”

It’s fitting to have such a Minnesotan pair of sisters producing their state-inspired work at Holidazzle, which is an annual Minneapolis tradition during the holiday season. For decades, Holidazzle has brought people together. Now, this year in Loring Park, you can take a piece of Minnesota home with you when you stop by Hagen and Oats.

Nikki said their favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with hilarious friends, making cookies and starting new traditions with their growing families. They’re excited to see you as you visit them at Holidazzle.

“What we love most about Holidazzle is how it highlights how absolutely hardcore Minnesota love truly can be,” Nikki said. “It can be 20 below, and without fail you will see people bundled up and getting outside. This is a state where we don’t use weather as an excuse to support our community.”

The duo is looking forward to seeing you at Holidazzle and hopes you’ll swing by and learn a little bit about their family and their products. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find the perfect addition to your house or the right gift for a friend or family member this holiday season.

“Our hope is that people see our art and feel the same Minnesota pride that we have,” Anna said. “We love getting creative with our customers, and we love interacting with people. We take pride in our business and our story, and we hope to share that and inspire others.”