Welcome To Holidazzle At Loring Park


You remember what the Holidays were like as a kid.

The sweet smells of treats baking in the kitchen. The anticipation of opening gifts and huddling around the living room. The enjoyment nestling in and watching time-treasured holiday movies with friends and family. The lights, the magic, the ambiance. The holiday season is about celebrating with your loved ones and creating traditions you’ll never forget.

For many Minnesotans, it’s hard not to think of Holidazzle when you’re thinking holiday.

Holidazzle has been a staple of the season in Minneapolis for more than two decades. It brings thousands of people downtown each year to gather as one and continue a longstanding tradition of enjoying this festive time of year as a community.

It has taken on different forms and different locations. This year, for instance, the lights, aromas, activities and entertainment will all be packaged together in Loring Park. It gives Holidazzle a new look, as it snuggles into downtown Minneapolis’ largest park and joins one of our downtown’s most recognizable neighborhoods. It takes on an Up North feel, and its new look produced by NELSON and RipBang Studios—a division of NELSON helps us transform our urban geography into a majestic, North Country setting. A place where festive characters, Santa Claus and our own family and friends can all come together as one. It’s a land that under normal circumstances feels impossible to experience.

But this is no ordinary place.

It’s Holidazzle.

Once you walk through the pathways leading here, you’re entering into an experience completely unique to this year but also so very similar to what we’ve come to enjoy at Holidazzle over the years. You’ll feel the togetherness of the community. The twinkling lights and the sensation you’ve been swept away from reality if only for an evening.

As you walk through Holidazzle, take a look around at the sights. The visuals that bring this year’s Holidazzle to life are stunning. The “Up North” feel of a Winter Wonderland in the heart of our state’s largest city is breathtaking, and the homage to Vikings, abominable snow men, moose, bears and penguins all coming together in one place is an uncanny experience.

Yet you’ll also feel as though you’re in a place that is so very Minnesotan and entrenched in reality that you can’t help but enjoy the odes to the people, places and businesses that make our state unique and special. You’ll see familiar names on the tents lining the Holidazzle pathways as you browse, shop and sample your way through the experience. Your nose will catch the savory smells of truly Minnesotan traditions mixed with exclusively Holidazzle twists.

You’ll hear the sounds of local bands and choirs playing festive holiday carols and songs, putting you in the spirit of the season. You’ll enjoy the free activities scattered all across the Holidazzle landscape, and you’ll create new memories that you and those around you will carry into next year and beyond.

Because the holiday season is about enjoying where you are and who you’re with. It is about coming together as a community, feeling the nostalgia of old and building new memories.
It is about the briskness of the air, the magic in the lights and that irreplaceable feeling of togetherness.

It is what Holidazzle is all about.

Come join us this holiday season.