NELSON, RipBang Studios Bring Hometown Passion To Holidazzle’s Looks


NELSON and RipBang Studios have roots here in Minneapolis. Chairman and CEO John “Ozzie” Nelson, Jr., has called the city home for years and understands the sense of community that lives here.

So when presented with the opportunity to work with the Minneapolis Downtown Council in creating the new look for the Holidazzle, NELSON and RipBang Studios were thrilled to offer design services. Both are companies owned by NWH, a Twin Cities-based holding company in the AEC industry. Together they combined creative strengths and expertise to craft the visual elements you’ll see throughout this annual Minneapolis holiday experience.

“Holidazzle represents the magic of the holiday season and the best of Minneapolis and Minnesota,” said Matt Grynol, Architectural Designer at NELSON. “By incorporating iconic characters and symbols that are unique to the area, NELSON and RipBang Studios have taken traditional holiday themes and characters and given them a modern and uniquely Minneapolis twist.”

As you meander through Holidazzle’s Winter Wonderland inside Loring Park, which will take place Thursdays through Sundays from Friday, November 27 through Sunday, December 20, you’ll feel the ambiance set by NELSON and RipBang Studio’s vision. You’ll get the feel that mythical creatures are present all around. A lumberjack here, a Viking there. The abominable snowman, penguins, moose and bears all around weaving in and out of the experience.

This is the type of work that has been synonymous with NELSON and RipBang Studios for years.

RipBang Studios offer processes and professionals to deliver “experience branding,” combining graphics, interiors, architecture and communications to create workplaces and hospitality venues that turn observers into brand participants.

NELSON offers architecture, design and consulting services in a wide variety of markets, and to 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Both NELSON and RipBang Studios have a focus and passion for creating and delivering designs that reflect their clients’ values while fostering environments that encourage collaboration.

What you experience at Holidazzle, what you see on advertisements and the graphics you see online are all products of NELSON and RipBang Studios—a group that has ties to Minneapolis and have a vested interest in our community.

Join us for an exciting Holidazzle experience throughout the holiday season.