LB Originals Hopes Handmade Jewelry Provides Inspiration


LB Originals is a genuine byproduct of passion, bravery and inspiration.

Starting out as just a hobby in 2000, Linda Banning took a St. Paul community education class for stained glass panels. But it wasn’t until 2004, when Linda began selling small stained glass window pieces at a farmer’s market while living in Bozeman, Mont., that she came up with an idea.

She began using her stained glass scraps to make jewelry.

“Good quality stained glass window pieces are expensive,” she said. “And so I wanted to come up with something that was affordable and small enough for a tourist to travel home with.”

The opportunity to share her creativity with others came shortly after she was involved in a life-altering experience of her own.

Linda is a 9/11 survivor.

She traveled to New York in September 2001 and stayed at the Marriot World Trade Center located between the Twin Towers. On September 11, she was at her hotel when she heard the sound of a low-flying plane followed by her building violently shaking and debris pouring out around the building. Initially, she thought it was an earthquake.

The trauma of experiencing 9/11 at Ground Zero left a lasting impact on her life.

“I lost so much that day,” said Linda. “I lost my sense of security, my self-confidence – and I thought I had lost my mind.”

As a result, Linda rearranged her life’s priorities with a goal of living a more authentic and rich life. Linda sold her house, moved to Montana, and left her family and all that was familiar.

“I let go of the ‘American Dream’,” she said, “and followed my own.”

Since September 11th, Linda has gained back not only her life but also compassion, perspective and purpose. Part of that came through following her passion, “I hope people are delighted, intrigued and amused” by her art.

“I gained so much more than I ever thought I lost,” she said.

The jewelry ended up being so popular that she was able to “make the leap” and work her business full time in 2007, just three years after starting up.

“I brought my love of glass and jewelry together to create a line of beautiful, wearable art,” she said.

She’ll bring her jewelry to Holidazzle this winter. Enjoy Linda’s inspirational creations as LB Originals will be in Loring Park on Dec. 15-18 as well as Dec. 22-23.

Each piece of jewelry is personally designed and hand-crafted by Linda, who uses stained glass and salvaged glass bottles and cans. During Holidazzle this year there will be merchandise available for men and women including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, cuff links and belt buckles.

Linda grew up in Wisconsin, right across the river from Stillwater. It wasn’t until 2014 when she found herself moving back to the Midwest, now calling Minnesota “home.” She is now incredibly excited to be a part of a new holiday tradition this year at Holidazzle.

She also hopes people walk away feeling lighter, and “can inspire at least one person to do something brave.”