Apothicare, Empowering People to Take Charge of Their Health, Comes to Holidazzle



While growing up around The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Kirsten Grohovsky found herself interested in helping others through Western Herbal Medicine early in life.

After studying on her own for a few years, Kirsten decided to attend the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash. She graduated with a degree in Holistic Health, focused in Western Herbal Medicine and Reproductive Health in 2012.

“I wanted to find a career that allowed me to not only help myself, but also help others,” said Kirsten.

After graduating from college, Kirsten wasn’t quite ready to jump into a practitioner role but still wanted to find a way where she could enlighten others by sharing her skill set.

Apothicare allowed her to do just that.

Apothicare is a herbal body care company working to empower people to take over their health through quality products that will help support everyday life. This year at Holidazzle, you will find products such as: Elderberry Syrups, Elderberry Gummies, a variety of Herbal Teas, Lip Balm, Sore Muscles Salve, Scrapes and Scars Salve, Burn Salve, Lotion Bars, Deodorant, Gift Baskets and Salve Travel Sets.

Come to Holidazzle this Dec. 10, 11, 17 and 18 to meet Kirsten and hopefully walk away with “a sense of empowerment, knowledge and a gift to share.”

Even though Kirsten has been making herbal products for friends and family for about 10 years, it wasn’t until just two years ago that she decided to pursue Apothicare as a business.

Kirsten said that Apothicare and other herbal related positions gave her time to gain essential experience by working with people who had diverse health concerns before deciding to enter a clinical position.

That push for business licensing came just after a friend bought her Elderberry Syrup to give away as gifts. One of the recipients loved the product so much; they wanted to bring it into a local store for retail.

“There were certainly many obstacles and hoops I had to jump through on the path to licensing,” Kirsten said. “But about four months later I was official.

Kirsten also wants Holidazzle goers to know that Apothicare will soon be working with the local community by holding affordable herbal classes, healthy food preparation as well as teaching others how to make their own body care products.

The thought of meeting people new to herbalism is what really excites Kirsten about Holidazzle this year.

“Apothicare products offer a good bridge to start thinking about products you use every day in a new way,” she said.