Wolf and Moose Display Interconnectivity At Holidazzle During Holiday Season


Christopher Lutter-Gardella has a deep appreciation for how we all share the same space—humans and animals alike inhabit Earth together. During the holiday season, he’s always believed that our love and sense of caring for one another—as well as caring for the whole of creation—comes to light.

So when the opportunity for his Wolf and Moose project to be placed at Holidazzle this holiday season arose, he jumped at the chance. The project, which was initially designed for the Creative City Challenge at the Minneapolis Convention Center and made its debut at Holidazzle in 2016, will return to Loring Park this winter.

For Christopher, it’s a way to showcase interconnectivity during Minneapolis’ popular holiday get-together.

“I have always wished for an invitation to participate in Holidazzle,” Christopher said. “I feel that my work in animated and illuminated animal figures is a perfect fit for the spirit of the event.”

Holidazzle takes place Thursdays through Sundays from November 23 through December 23 this year in Loring Park. It will feature foods, beverages and gift items from local people and organizations coupled with fireworks, Santa visits, outdoor movies, a kids zone, crafts, free ice skating, musical performances and much more. It will also include enhanced lighting thanks to a Request for Creativity this summer, which ultimately led to additional commercial lighting throughout Holidazzle and the addition of the Wolf and Moose to Holidazzle’s “winter wonderland” scene.

Christopher created the Wolf and Moose to reflect the unique qualities and ethos of the Minneapolis community while inspiring thinking outside the urban box. Specifically, he hopes to engage people in contemplating their connection to animals throughout nature and how we coexist with them. The large structures are built around a three-point ecological framework that celebrates our community’s conscious effort and accomplishments around development of renewable energy, expansion of more sustainable transportation and a responsibility around reducing our consumption and waste of raw materials.

The Wolf and Moose will be redesigned and reconfigured for Holidazzle with more festive lighting illuminating the figures. He also hopes people will interact with the Wolf and Moose, which in turn might inspire their reflection on those ecological-friendly endeavors.

“My hope is that people will play them, as if on a playground, thus prompting adults to become like children again,” Christopher said. “I am hoping that people may fall into kind of aerobic meditation as they pedal the mechanisms, while simultaneously warming their bodies through physical activity. I, of course, hope they will inspire awe and wonder with the combination of lights and animation that made them such a nighttime success at the Convention Center plaza.”

He said Holidazzle evokes a vision of light and festivity during the winter season, and he hopes the Wolf and Moose will add to that vibrancy that complements the brightness of the evening stars.

It’s the perfect way to complement the meaning of the holiday season.

“Reaching out to one another and showing our friends and family we care about them,” he said. “Recognizing the common spirit that connects us all. Our common humanity, our love for each other, how precious life is.”

He hopes that will shine through when you visit the Wolf and Moose at Holidazzle.
“I would hope that it might inspire people to not think so much about what they can get, but what they can give,” Christopher said. “Whether we’re talking about gift-giving between each other or our relationship with the earth. A sense of being invited to give the Earth a gift, perhaps.”