Triple Crown Hats Is Merging Contemporary Fashion with Minnesotan Culture

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Whether it be a colorful pair of pants or a stylish blazer, we all use what we wear as a form of self-expression. Of course, headwear also factors into self-expression, and that’s where Triple Crown comes into play.

Triple Crown launched earlier this year, but founder Desmond Stubblefield has tapping into the Midwest’s fashion sense for a few years now.

“As a hat enthusiast, I felt that I could bring something new and unique to the market,” Stubblefield explains. “I’m a native of Mississippi, and I’ve been a resident of Minnesota for just over four years. While working as a part-time sales associate at a local hat store, I noticed that customers would come into the store looking for headwear that was stylish, yet unique.”

Stubblefield initially sought out to sell products from other hat brands through Triple Crown. However, that changed after Stubblefield considered local fashion preferences.

“I determined I would be able to best serve the local community by developing my own hat brand that is influenced by contemporary fashion and Midwestern culture,” he says.

A variety of products will be on display at Holidazzle this year. Baseball caps, beanies, fashion hats, sweatshirts and hooded scarves will be available for purchase.

Triple Crown will be at Holidazzle from November 23 to December 23. Holidazzle’s full calendar run is Thursdays through Sundays from Friday, November 23 through Sunday, December 23. It is open Thursdays from 5-9 pm, Fridays from 5-10 pm, Saturdays from 11 am-10 pm and Sundays from 11 am-7 pm.

“Our product line spans across a wide variety of hat styles,” Stubblefield says. “It ranges from baseball caps to fedoras. We make hats for both men and women, placing a strong emphasis on quality, craftsmanship and creativity.”

Stubblefield is excited to bring his business to Holidazzle as well.

“The holiday season in Minnesota resembles what most people think of when they think of a traditional holiday season. Holidazzle is symbolic of holiday tradition in Minnesota,” he says. “Minnesota is all about embracing the outdoors and maintaining a sense of community, both of which are at the core of the Holidazzle experience.”

Stubblefield has fully embraced Minnesota through his hat designs and his attitude toward the holiday season, even though he’s been here for only a few years. He’s hoping that Minnesotans equally embrace Triple Crown.

“I hope that people will appreciate the quality of our product and feel a sense of excitement about having our brand here in Minnesota.”