For Kabomelette, omelettes are just the beginning

For Chelsea and Greg Miller, Holidazzle is a time to embrace the cold and dark, go outside and find the beauty in every season, and that is exactly what they plan on doing this holiday season.  Their business, Kabomelette, is set to be a vendor in this year’s Holidazzle, and they are getting geared up to bring their own little twist to the event.  “We work year-round, so this is a natural fit and it is a great time of the year,” explained Chelsea.

Her husband Greg, a former Executive Chef, sparked the idea for Kabomelette because he was working all the time and getting farther and farther away from the actual food.  He enjoys having his hands mixing, chopping and creating mouth-watering food for others to eat.  Greg, Chelsea and their 5 employees that will be helping during Holidazzle are excited to offer customers omelettes, hash, Thai peanut chicken kabobs, spicy jerk chicken kabobs and a daily soup.  “Most of our food is gluten free, we use lots of vegetables, whole foods and do not deep fry anything,” said Chelsea.

The holidays are a hard time for the Miller’s, as they have lost their parents within the last 5 years and are both only children.  “The holidays are a reminder that the days with our parents are not here.  We try to lift our spirits and focus on our children, but it is still hard, so we prefer to work a lot during this time.”

Make sure you stop by and meet Chelsea and Greg at this year’s holidazzle!