Block Paper Scissors brings hands-on crafting to Holidazzle

After organizing a craft night with coworkers, Kristin Kilgren saw the opportunity to turn an idea into a business.  Within a week, Block Paper Scissors was born.  Kristin began hosting craft nights in people’s homes, and the business grew very quickly.

Fast forward 3 years to the present and you will find Kristin running a very successful business with her husband, Nick, and their 6 part-time employees.  After securing a brick and mortar location, Kristin began creating other types of crafts for customers to enjoy.

Prior to creating this masterpiece called Block Paper scissors, Kristin and Nick ran a photography business together.  “I guess you could say my creativity rubs off on him and his business mind rubs off on me – we balance each other out very well,” Kristin explained.

Kristin is especially excited to bring Block Paper Scissors to Holidazzle so they can help people create unique, personalized and handmade crafts to decorate their homes with or give as gifts.  Being a local company with their studio based in Jordan, Minnesota, the thing that Kristin enjoys the most about the holiday season is how everyone gets into the spirit, saying “Minnesota Nice gets turned up a notch in December.”

When asked for one thing that people might not know about Block Paper Scissors, Kristin explained that her and Nick love to give back to the community.  “To date, we have donated over $10,000 to charities and people in need.”

We are excited to welcome Kristin and Nick to Holidazzle, and we encourage you to visit their website at before coming out!