K-Town Street Food Brings Kimchi Fries, Asian-Fused Cuisine To Holidazzle


K-Town Street Food takes a different approach to its cuisine that makes them stand out among the pack. Their idea is mixing different types of popular ethnic foods that provide a completely different and enticing taste.

Trust us, they’ve perfected it. You won’t want to miss trying them at Holidazzle.

The group is serving their Korean tacos bowl and kimchi fries–two staples that were wildly popular among Holidazzle goers in years past–and they’ll be adding a new item to their menu in 2016. Stop by and try out their Bulgogi Beef Empanada Puff Pastry with stuffed Bulgogi Beef, potato, tomatoes, Mexican cheese and onions. When you visit, your serving will come in a biodegradable container.

Their treats bring different flavors–sweet or savory–and spices together for a delectable treat as you browse the Holidazzle scene. They are there each day of Holidazzle: Thursdays through Sundays from Friday, November 29 through Sunday, December 22. Holidazzle is open Thursdays from 5-9 pm, Fridays from 5-10 pm, Saturdays from 11 am-10 pm and Sundays from 11 am-7 pm.

“People really adapted to it,” said Lysa Bui of K-Town Street Food. “We made Korean food with infused Mexican-American. It’s not like the food you’ll see in a typical restaurant.”

It’s a unique twist on both cultures that makes for a new and enticing flavor.

K-Town Street Food produces its foods with sauces made from scratch, all of which add to the flavor. The kimchi fries can come more mild or hot, and the sauces that are included really infuse with the steak or chicken and fries that are in the bowl. They all mix together to provide great taste with the level of heat you desire, and the sauce will stand out as a delicious taste you’ve never had before. All of their main dishes are gluten free, and they also have vegetarian options.

“It’s totally different,” Bui said. “If you have our fries, you know they’re not just regular mayo. It makes it unique and stand out.”

The idea has been an evolution of sorts. The group started with a Vietnamese restaurant in St. Paul more than 20 years ago that was strictly Vietnamese food. Bui, a Dallas native, moved back to Texas two years ago for a few months but decided Minnesota was missing the Asian-used food scene. With her family’s background being in the food industry for generations, she and her brother-in-law decided to try this new food approach in the Twin Cities.

The concept of Korean fusion was a brainstorming session between Bui and her family throwing out ideas about what might set them apart. It took them months to perfect the sauces and the recipes, but the end result was K-Town’s robust and unique menu.

They’ve mostly worked in St. Paul, but Holidazzle is providing them a chance to give Minneapolis a taste of their handiwork.

Bui said people might be skeptical initially given they aren’t familiar with the style of food, but they’re excited to see people catch on and become fans of their work.

“They’re going to think, ‘OK, might be a little skeptical because it’s Asian food mixed with Mexican or American food,'” Bui said. “So it gives them a chance to try something we have. I think they’ll really like the dish, and I want them to try something we have.”

They’re excited to be able to show off their food in Minneapolis during Holidazzle, a celebration that is a decades-old tradition here in downtown.

“It’s a huge event, and it’s a big honor to be here,” Bui said. “The tradition has been there for families to come, and I myself feel the meaning it brings. You can get a bunch of people there, enjoy themselves and have a good time with all the cities have to offer.”

There’s no doubt K-Town Street Food brings a new style and flavor to Holidazzle. Their kimchi fries are filled with flavor and spice, and their egg rolls with sweet dipping sauce make for a great treat as you walk though and enjoy the event.

It’s worthwhile to stop by and give them a try.

“Downtown Minneapolis is one of the better downtowns in the United States,” Bui said. “It’s diverse, the community is there and there is all types of people. People, kids come back from college and Minnesota is home to them. And people can come out and see what Holidazzle has to offer, it’s like the countdown in New York. It’s a great opportunity.”