We’re On The Map

Holidazzle is a little “Up North” destination in the middle of Downtown Minneapolis. Our maps and images below give you a preview of what you’ll see when you arrive at Holidazzle and how to arrive through several commuting options. For more detailed descriptions on how to find Holidazzle, visit our Directions page.

2019 Holidazzle Map (click map for PDF)



  • map-imgPoffertjes and More – The Littlest Pancake
  • map-imgHeavenly Feast Bar-B-Que
  • map-imgFresco’s Foods
  • map-imgTasty Gyros
  • map-imgFair Faves – Cheese Curds and Mini Donuts
  • map-imgTwin Cities Paella
  • map-imgK-Town Street Foods
  • map-imgipierogi
  • map-imgKramarczuk’s Sausages
  • map-imgGorkha Palace
  • map-imgRoot To Rise Kitchen

  • map-imgMSP Pretzels
  • map-imgCindy’s Cinnamon Roasted Nuts
  • map-imgHippy Feet
  • map-imgThe Abbey Alpacas
  • map-imgThree Rivers Farm
  • map-imgNorthern Drift
  • map-imgThe Beer Dabbler
  • map-imgKCM Woodworks
  • map-imgNorth Shore Apparel/Martin’s
  • map-imgCabin Customs
  • map-imgSimple Trends


  • map-imgFood Vendor Tents
  • map-imgGift Vendor Tents
  • map-imgMpls Craft Market
  • map-imgHolidazzle Snowglobe presented by Minnesota Vikings
  • map-imgHolidazzle Entrance
  • map-imgHolidazzle Walking Path
  • map-imgHolidazzle Site
  • map-imgLoring Park Walkways
  • map-imgVisit Santa Claus
  • map-imgRestrooms
  • map-imgHolidazzle Movies presented by Metro by T-Mobile

  • map-imgMpls WinterSkate
  • map-imgWarming House supported by CenterPoint Energy (free skates)
  • map-imgFulton Beer Garden
  • map-imgSociable Cider Werks
  • map-imgPerformance Stage
  • map-imgBonfire Locations
  • map-imgHolidazzle Trees
  • map-imgHolidazzle info
  • map-imgHolidazzle Kids Zone presented by U.S. Bank
  • map-imgYeti Art Installation
  • map-imgThe Thwing
  • map-imgThe Wandering Mug Coffee

Holidazzle is located in the heart of Loring Park, on the Southwest edge of downtown Mpls. Our site map includes an assortment of vendors offering tasty treats, delicious and savory meals, refreshing beverages, and merchandise and packaged food to take home or give away during the holiday season. The Mpls WinterSkate is open to the public daily, two holiday movies and one fireworks display each weekend, great activities for all ages and more. And while you’re here, meander through our pathways full of various characters and truly Minnesota sights, sounds and smells. We can’t wait to see you here!

Join Us At Loring Park:

For more complete directions from all interstates, buses, light rail lines and suggested $5 flat rate parking options, visit our Directions page. If you have any questions regarding your trip to Holidazzle, email us at holidazzle@mplsdowntown.com or call our help line at (612) 376-SNOW. Click on the interactive map below to learn more, including the red Holidazzle footprint, the red Pathways to Holidazzle lines, and the parking, dropoff, valet and bus options available.